The images on this page are of birds that are either resident or have been sighted on Rakino Island recently.  Please click on the photograph for further information.  Photographs courtesy of New Zealand Birds Online. New Zealand Birds Online have a range of pre-recorded bird calls that will play best if the sounds associated with this website are turned off using the mute button above right.

Red Crowned Parakeet
Kereru - New Zealand Pigeon
Banded Rail
Long Tailed Cuckoo
Grey Warbler
Harrier Hawk
New Zealand Pipit
Spotless Crake
Little Blue Penguin
Brown Quail - Introduced to NZ

Photo Credits: Red Crowned Parakeet: Oscar THOMAS. Kereru: David RINTOUL. Bellbird: Dylan van WINKEL. Banded Rail: David SAMWAYS. Tui: Albert AANENSON. Spotless Crake: Oscar THOMAS.

Long Tailed Cuckoo: Deborah SNAPE. Harrier Hawk: Marie-Louise MYBURGH. Morepork: Adam CLARKE. Grey Warbler: Kevin B AGAR. Fantail: Ormond TORR.  Pukeko: Craig STEED.

Kingfisher: Marie-Louise MYBURGH. New Zealand Pipit: Duncan WATSON.  Little Blue Penguin: Graeme TAYLOR.  Brown Quail: Cheryl MARRINER.


Bird song on this website (Dawn Song of Tui's) courtesy of Listening Earth: Andrew Skeoch.