War on Moth Plant

29 Mar 2018

With the war on Woolly Nightshade tapering off the new focus is Moth Plant.  This will be a difficult battle because of the way this plant distributes its windblown seed and its spread on the Island.  However if we all do our bit it can be done.  Check out the "War on Moth Plant" page for further details.

23 Oct 2017

A New Zealand Dotterel was sighted on the 23rd of October at Home Bay.  These are one of our rarest native birds, and there is every chance they could be breeding.  Please keep dogs on a leash if you are taking them to Home Bay for the time being.

War on Woolly Nightshade

11 Sep 2017

Woolly Nightshade is being targeted for total eradication from Rakino Island.  We all need to do our bit.  It is flowering and fruiting right now, so time is of the essence.  Please either destroy it yourself or let me know where it is and I will follow it up.


15 years since the last rat on Rakino Island died.

29 Aug 2017

In August 2002 rats were eradicated from Rakino Island, that's 15 years ago.  Look and listen to the difference.  Everyone who was on the Island prior to the rat eradication will have a horror story to tell.  For those who have come to the island since.....you don't know how lucky you are....in the words of one famous kiwi!

13 Aug 2017

If you are planting Myrtle species on Rakino Island this winter check out how you can prevent the potential spread of Myrtle Rust into the Hauraki Gulf.  Check out the info and link under the pests tab.

Dead rat at Maori Garden Bay.

07 Aug 2017

If photographs of dead rats are what you are looking for you have come to the right place!

A couple of weekends ago Eleanor Whyle was walking along Maori Garden Bay and found this dead rat in the tidal zone.  Where did it come from, how long had it been dead?  These are questions we will never know the answer to in this case.  However in future, should we find a dead rat, Auckland Council have a database and a DNA check should be able to tell us the population that it originated from.

It is a timely reminder that we must always be on guard for any rodents that might make their way to Rakino.

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