Help keep Rats off Rakino Island

If you could choose one single thing that would have the most negative effect on our lifestyle on Rakino it would be the re-establishment of Rats.



Rakino Island is a rat free island.  What keeps it that way is constant effort to prevent rodents getting to Rakino, coupled with a robust monitoring system to detect them if they do arrive.  This year we have seen a rat incursion on Tiri Tiri Matangi Island.  Rakino is many times more exposed to an incursion than Tiri so we have to be vigilant to the possibility that we could also get an incursion.

Read more about Rats here.

The greatest likelihood of intercepting that first rat is a wide ranging and robust monitoring network. 

We need your help to do this. 


In conjunction with the Rakino Ratepayers Association,  we want to increase the monitoring on Rakino by offering Islanders the opportunity to have your own monitoring tunnel.

Participants will be given a monitoring/tracking tunnel to place on their property.

It will contain a tracking card, there will be no poison or traps, this is a monitoring tunnel only.  A tracking card is a piece of cardboard with black ink in the centre.  The rat enters the tunnel, attracted by peanut butter lure and leaves footprints from the ink which are checked each time the cards are changed, about once a month.  It is more than likely you will never see any rat footprints, which is the way we like it!

This is a great environmental project to do with your children, it is non toxic and you will see many other footprints such as lizards, weta and others!

If you would like your own tunnel(s) to monitor at your bach please let me know:


  • To be present on the Island at least once a month including winter (or have someone, eg a neighbour you can team up with to change the cards).

  • Cards and tunnels are provided but you will need to supply peanut butter and some tape to hold the cards down (annual cost less than $10.00).

  • Willingness to monitor the cards on an ongoing basis.