War on Moth Plant

Moth Plant is an invasive weed which is already well established on Rakino Island.  A number of Islanders have made an approach wanting to know how to rid their sections of moth plant.

The bad news is you can't do it alone, your neighbour's also have to remove it otherwise the light, wind borne seed will just blow back over the fence.

The good news is that even though it is well established on the Island, there is something we can do about it, but everyone has to be involved.

Now, (April and ongoing through winter) is a good time to start.

The strategy is to:

Remove seedpods now before they mature in late winter.

Kill plants the pods are attached to.

Leave the seedlings until later (but feel free to pull them out now if you don't have too many).

  • Search your property as soon as possible for moth plant.  Speak to your neighbours about doing the same.  Look for the large choko like pods.  You may need to look in the tops of trees, if you have any it wont take you too long to find them.

  • Remove the pods and place in a plastic shopping bag and then in the landfill bins at the bin stations.  Do not compost them or dispose in any other way that landfill.  Moth plant exudes a white latex like sap that some people may find irritating. Try wearing gloves and prevent it dripping on your skin.​

  • Remove any stems that the pods are attached to at ground level, find where the are growing from and tease as much root as you can out of the ground.  No need for chemicals.

That's it - Done.  There may be young seedlings as well but these are not a problem at the moment, more later on how to deal with them. 


The big priority now is to get rid of the pods before the mature and burst spreading thousands of seeds wherever the wind will take them.

As always if you need any help or advice drop me an e-mail: