War on Woolly Nightshade
Woolly Nightshade is one of the pest plants present in reasonable numbers on Rakino Island.  Fortunately, it is also one of the more easily controlled pests, but we all need to do something about every plant we see.
It is now being targeted for eradication.
 If you know where there is some Woolly Nightshade please tell me about it. 
If you are able to control it yourself, I have pruning saws and stump gel available.  Cutting it down will not kill the plant, it will regrow rapidly from the stump.  Cutting and poisoning is the only option.
Please read the factsheet on Woolly Nightshade in the pest plants section of this website.
The attached graph indicates the number of plants killed.  Mature means those plants bearing seed or flowers, or evidence of them having done so.  Juvenile means those plants that show no evidence of having reproduced.  Ideally, over time the number of "matures" will drop and the number of "juveniles" will increase.  In time, both categories will drop to very low or non existent levels.
If you destroy any Woolly Nightshade please let me know and I will add your work to the totals.
If you require any resources, assistance or advice please do not hesitate to drop me an email  or catch me on the Island and I will do whatever I can to help.